Why Practice Yoga

This year why not turn your focus and energy inward and give yourself the gift of yoga.

We have often heard yoga isn’t for everyone, but I feel it is.  Not only does it strengthen your body and its flexibility, but yoga quiets your mind and increases awareness.

Hatha Yoga relates to the physical body, consisting of relaxation, breathing exercises, and physical postures called asanas.  Hatha Yoga strengthens your muscles, increases flexibility, increases circulations, encourages deep breathing, facilitates a better posture, balances hormones, and gives one a sense of well-being.

Routine practice of yoga will delay aging by keeping muscles and ligaments moving.  By stretching muscles and ligaments the skeletal system becomes less rigid thus enabling the body to move into its natural alignment.  Deep breathing practices increase circulation.  This in turn oxygenates the blood, pumping it more effectively to all organs while revitalizing and expelling toxins from them.  The regular practice of Hatha Yoga will help keep you free of aches and pains, relieve stress, and enable you to regain your sense of well being.

Through breath and inner focus, yoga calms the constant chattering of the mind.  The process of quieting your mind is slow, but over a period of time you are able to maintain a clear, quiet mind concentrating only on feeling into the stretch through focused breathing.  This quieting of your mind will eventually seep into your daily life.  For each of us, yoga touches our lives in a most profound way.

Today isn’t any different from 5,000 years ago in our need to find something higher or more permanent than ourselves.  We can start to develop spiritual awareness by living in the moment.  We can note how we are feeling at any given time, not in a judgmental way, but in a detached, objective way.

The disciplined practice of yoga makes this fully conscious state a permanent part of your daily life and enables you to develop the intuitive art of finding balance in any of life’s situations.

So come and step on the yoga train.  I promise you the journey will be full of twists and turns, some ups and some downs, tall cliffs barely seeing the light at the top, free falls where the bottom takes days, weeks, months or even years to reach, but know all is worth it because we are consciousness, the journey is clearing the way… Namaste’.