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I received my teacher training certificate from Karuna Erickson of British Columbia, Canada, January 2005. Karuna studied with and co-taught with Rodney Yee.  I also studied with Tias Little from Santa Fe, NM, Erich Schiffmann from Los Angeles, CA, and various Iyengar teachers in the Santa Fe area.  I currently teach restorative yoga, vinyasa slow flow, gentle yoga, wall yoga, and chair yoga.

Gentle poses open the body, yet allows the nervous system to rest.  Though you can still stretch deeply, support in poses help you to relax and feel comfortable yielding to the pose, allowing you to hold the poses longer.  Holding poses longer enables you to recharge your vitality by using minimal energy.  Poses (asanas) are practiced with a conscious flow of breath (pranayama).  All levels welcome.

This practice of yoga will help you discover the strength of body and will, emotional balance, and self-acceptance through heart-opening postures.  The postures will put your body through its full range of motion. the poses are a series of forward bends, side bends, back-bends, twists, and inversions.  This class will begin from the ground up learning each posture thoroughly before connecting them in a sequence with awareness and breath.  All levels welcome.

Reiki is the Japanese word meaning, “Universal Life Force Energy.” The Reiki discipline I am attuned with is the Usui Method.  Linda Romero of St. Petersburg, FL gave me the attunements for level 1, level 2, and Masters.  My Lineage is this, Mikao Usui taught/attuned Chujiro Hayashi; Mr. Hayashi passed it to Hawayo Takata (Ms. Takata brought Reiki to the United States in the 1950s) Ms. Takata passed it to Cathy Caston.  Ms. Caston passed it to Neda Lutgen.  Ms. Lutgen passed it to Linda Romero. Ms. Romero passed it to me, thus this makes me the sixth from the source that reintroduced Reiki to the world.

The science and art of transformation provides an easily reproducible, results-oriented process of change that draws on the fundamental principles embraced by the field of quantum physics.  Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. developed and teaches Matrix Energetics.  Dr. Richard Bartlett discovered that by lightly touching his clients while at the same time applying focused intent, he could restore them to a physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced state, instantly shifting misalignments that had plagued them for years.  Each of us can tap into states of healthy awareness from different moments–in essence, travel in time–and bring them into the present for immediate, profound results. This practice requires no special training, produces a transformation in the blink of an eye, and is available to everyone who has a willingness to learn.  Dr. Bartlett does not believe our physical bodies are the only reality.  “We are basically light and information–patterns of energy.  It is possible to change years-old injury patterns with a light touch and a specific process.”  The concept of Intent is the energetic foundation for manifesting the substance and structure of your beliefs into observable reality.

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