Foot to paw—as ONE

Private yoga sessions available based on a sliding scale:  $50.00 – $80.00 .  Held inside in a studio. Email for day and time desired.

Group yoga classes/$10.00 per class, Semi-private sessions with one on one attention $20.00/ each person with a three student minimum. Classes are held outside on a covered deck. Morning and evening hours are available.

Sunday’s group class at 8:30 am (class is currently full) I am adding classes (morning, evenings, and/or weekends) as the need arises.

Energy Work (Hands on or Distant sessions, telephone, skype, facetime, or whatsapp available)
$100.00 – $150.00/ per hour (sliding scale)

Please go to the home page and fill out the form providing me with your name, email, type of class your, days and hours you are available. 

Rainbow healing energy

Yoga Practice Guidelines

Private yoga room

Prior to Class

  1. Shower, brush teeth, and do not wear any perfume, cologne, body spray, etc. to practice.
  2. Clothing should be comfortable, flexible, or loose.  The feet should be bare.
  3. Practice on a relatively empty stomach.  Wait 2 to 3 hours after eating a large meal.

In Class

  1. Do Not be late for class. Allow yourself at least 5 minutes prior to class starting to set-up mat and props.
  2. Make sure the sticky side of mat is facing up.
  3. Do not strain in the Postures or the movements.  If at any time you feel pain, stop and come out of the posture.
  4. When doing yoga, you are not in a competition with yourself or your neighbor on the mat next to you.
  5. Women should not do inverted or strenuous postures during menstrual period.
  6. Pregnant women should consult their health professional before starting any yoga practice.